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Ivan Tzitzelkov

Ivan Tzitzelkov
is the Proprietor and Executive Manager of Herba Commerce JSC and Herba Bul Ltd. He is an economist with longlived experience in the feld of herbs` trade and export. At the present, he is the Vice Manager of Bulgarian - Spanish Business Council and a Member of Administrative Council at Bulgarian Association of Herbs and Mushrooms Producers.

About us


Herba Commerce JSC, established in 1996 under the name HerbaBul Ltd, is a young and dynamic client-oriented company, focused on dealing with ecologically pure products with proven origin and guaranteed quality. Its scope of activities covers cultivation, buying up, storage, processing and export of medical plants, herbs, spices and seeds. In the run of almost a decade’s tradition in the processing and trade with natural herbs and spices, the company has strengthened its positions of an important supplier in the European markets and has become the largest Bulgarian exporter of natural herbs for Spain with reliable partnerships in Netherlands, Germany and Italy. Among our partners are celebrated world companies, suppliers of quality raw materials for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, textile, etc. industries.
Today Herba Commerce JSC, as a leading Bulgarian company, covers an export list of more than 150 medical plants and herbs and their parts – roots and rootage, stalks, barks, blossoms, fruit, tubers, buds and leaves. Combining excellent quality, attractive prices and competitiveness, the company made a name for itself with the export of Crataegui, Cynosbati, Hyperici, Lavandulae, Melissae Off., Menthae Pip., Sambuci, Taraxaci, Tiliae, Urticae, etc.
Herba Commerce JSC is among the few herb exporting companies, ready to offer a full cycle of services – from gathering plants in the field to dispatching the products to the end customer. This is yet another guarantee for quality and safety. The company has participated in international scientific meetings and projects, financed by the European Union.


We are convinced that the present position of the company in foreign markets rests on our fair relations with all customers and suppliers.
Our mission is to make popular Bulgarian pure medical plants by taking advantage of scientific achievements and our experience in export of herbs.


Our structure is utmost flexible and efficient. It comprises the following units:

Head office based in Sofia which consists of the following departments:
  • Management
  • Administration
  • Accountancy

Warehouse based in Nova Zagora (see Logistics)

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