1606 Sofia, Bulgaria, P.O. Box 60
tel. / fax. +359 2 9549724
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We have our own warehouse Foto galery based in Nova Zagora that was created to meet our needs at best. It has a 7000-m2 capacity. There our products are processed, packed, weighed, stored and despatched. The goods we offer are subject to constant double control. First upon drying and processing before being packed and once again prior to despatch. The warehouse is equipped with cutting, cleaning, sifting, sorting, baling and pressing machines Foto galery. Thus we are able to deliver our herbs in accordance with our customers’ requirements:
  • uncut
  • sorted by size
  • roughly cut
  • finely cut
  • baled
  • boxed
  • in bulk in big bags, etc.


We have our own means of transport both for domestic deliveries and deliveries to destinations abroad. We arrange either inland road transportation by trucks or sea shipments in containers. We prefer to deliver whole consignment lots but if necessary group deliveries can be arranged for parcels of not less than 5 tons.


Herbs are packed completely in accordance with the customer’s requests, i.e. it is the customer who specifies the way of packing, as well as the quality and size of packing units. Our goods can be packed in bales, boxes, bags, big bags, etc., respectively made of canvas, plastic, cardboard, paper, nylon, etc. Packages can be palletized and loaded as per customer’s request. Our packages are marked entirely in compliance with the receiver’s instructions and benefit.
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